Your Instagram Makeover

Hey! Thanks so much for your interest in this program! I am so excited to choose 5 people for this one-month deep dive, learning how to go forward with Instagram with confidence & with a PLAN.

The cost of the program is $649 - until October 5th at midnight. It is payable in either one payment or two. If you are not interested in investing this amount at this time, please do not fill out this form.

We will be working together for a full 4 weeks - including online classes, a FB group, worksheets, one individual consultation with me, and a brand spankin’ new Instagram theme! Whew! You are going to be blown away by the amount of personal attention, resources and value you get out of this program!

Remember, this program is for the Instagram newbie-ish. If you are advanced, then please wait for a later, more advanced class.

Program begins October 10th!

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