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 & Lead Magnet
Conversion Reviews

Being a do-it-yourself business owner is super empowering. You have your website, you're up on social media and you're figuring out this whole online business thing, step-by-step. You have every right to be super proud of where you are and how you've taken information from various places to create the incredible business you have. You. Are. Amazing. #superawesomebosslady

Still, if you're like most new, online biz owners, there is a little voice in the back of your mind wondering if you're doing it as great as you can, simply because you know your strengths and expertise - and social media marketing isn't one of them!

  • Are you hitting all the right points?
  • Is there something you're missing that could make a world of difference in your results? 
  • Is your website navigation the best it could be?
  • Are people finding what they need easily and quickly enough?
  • Is your lead magnet juicy enough? 
  • How can you get more people to download it?
  • How can you get more engagement on social media?
  • How can you save time on social media?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have the eyes and mind of someone with beaucoup experience in social media and website architecture to comb over pieces of your business, critique you're current set-up, and make valuable suggestions to help increase your conversions?

That's why I offer 'Reviews'.

My reviews are a deep and thorough look at your most important online business elements. You get my honest opinion and most valuable suggestions for how you can up-level your business, get more sales, increase your email subscriptions and get more engagement on social media. 

>>> Each review is video recorded for you to refer to again and again, or to share with your team members, like your web designer, copywriter or social media manager. <<<

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