10 reasons to choose Freshbooks accounting software

Are you a small scale business or a startup company? Are you having issues with keeping your accounting books in order? Do you need an accounting system that not only suits your need but goes above and beyond in making life extremely easy for you? If you belong to the above-listed category, listed below is 10 reasons why FreshBooks Inc. accounting system is trusted by more than 5 million companies and freelance accountants many of which are well-known brands around the world.

  1. It is easy to use and understand:

    Registering your business on FreshBooks is a quick process, requiring minimal steps which makes it a piece of cake for new users. The interface itself is clean, organized, clearly labeled and clearly stated out. The software is packaged such that most of your basic accounting daily activities such as checking outstanding invoices, total profit, expenses, and advanced reports are stationed on the home page. There is also an option to customize the sidebar to suit your business need by creating shortcuts for items such as creating invoices, estimates, expenses and customer profiles etc. Freshbooks software also saves data inputted when creating new invoices for future use which are inputted automatically when a new invoice of such parameter is being created in the future. 

  2. It’s the best accounting system when it comes to invoicing:

    one of the best things about the Freshbook software is its ability of a user to set up recurring invoices and automatic payment reminders, and accept credit and debit card payments for invoices online. The software automatically monitors the status of invoices after you send them, allowing you to know when a customer has seen the invoice and have viewed it. It also tracks billable time and expenses, which can be added to your invoices, making it a great accounting option for freelancers and self-employed professionals as well as agencies and firms.

  3. Offers competitive pricing: when choosing a good software for your company, everything always boils down to the price and amount to be paid for the system which happens to be an area where FreshBooks excels. They offer a range of pricing depending on the size of a User’s company and the number of clients the company has. Their price is as low as $15 a month (lite plan) which carters for a company that has less than five clients. Their premium package goes for $50 which can cater for up to 500 customers and has some advanced features that are not present in the Lite plan. 

  4. It is one of the best Intuitive Accounting Software Available in the market right now: thus financial management tool comes with well-organized dashboards and single-click functions that make accounting easy for both people in the business and non-accountants. 

  5. It gives you unlimited access to your data: with the incorporation of a mobile platform that gives you access to your data on the go, Freshbooks allows you to do business regardless of your location at any particular time. The mobile application is available on the windows, iOS and Android platform which means regardless of the type of mobile device you use, FreshBooks is available at your fingertip. It also allows for fast communication with partners and other involved parties and financial consultation can be performed remotely on the system

  6. It takes billing a few steps ahead: this accounting system gives companies ability to accept payment online, and choose between different payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Google Checkouts, and Amex, and thanks to its amazing trigger notifications, you can easily set alerts for late payments which reduces drastically the risk of disputing invoices with clients. The main benefit here is that the company gets to charge late payment fees as it has sent an overdue reminder and made sure clients got it. Thanks to this feature, companies can track current and past invoices, which allows them to stay in control of their cash flow in all scenarios.

  7. Cloud Accounting: this is one of the major reasons why Freshbook is better than other accounting software. Every transaction performed on the system is on the cloud which gives you access to your files and financial documents at all time. There is no need to get to the office before you send an emergency invoice or send a reminder to a client. Your documents literally live on the cloud. This is an innovation, to say the least. It saves and updates your files regularly which reduces the risk of sending an incorrect or incomplete invoice or bill to a client.

  8. Award-winning Customer Service: buying a software is one thing, installing it and getting it to work is another thing entirely. This aspect is where FreshBooks excels. There is always an agent available to pick your calls and provide a meaningful response to your request at all times. Its customer support received the Gold medal at the 2014 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service which serves to demonstrate how highly rated the company’s customer service delivery is. 

  9. Ability to Track working times and expenses simultaneously: this is a feature that is not readily available on most accounting software. New users will quickly realize that FreshBooks is priceless in terms of charge accuracy, especially in cases where users charge hourly rates to their clients. Don’t forget though that you can also charge flat rates if you prefer – it takes just a few clicks to calculate a running bill. As for the expenses you wish to liquidate after meeting a client, you should consider the system’s handy snaps thanks to which you can connect users with invoices, or import expenses directly from your bank using the simplified Expense Tool.

  10. Spotless Reporting and time-saving features embedded in it: it allows you to convert estimates and proposals to invoices in just two clicks. Also, you can easily duplicate and tweak past invoices instead of creating a new one from scratch, send invoices electronically, recurring invoices to be sent weekly, monthly, annually or as frequently as you choose and monitor their statuses. It also allows customers to save their credit cards to make automatic payments. All these features are things that take time but have been simplified on the application. The system also ensures your accounting is error-proof and less time consuming, and that all balance sheets are monitored in real time. Reports can be generated with just a few easy clicks, and offer a variety of useful filters for profit/loss and taxation statements. All these reports can be easily exported to any format desired at any point in time.

Just as we know that there is no way a product can be great without some lapses, the major one being the inability of the accounting software to work on an enterprise level. Regardless of all glitches and bugs that might arise in the use of the application, the accounting system is surely a good value for money and for a small scale business, you can’t make a better choice than choosing FreshBooks accounting software to take care of your accounting needs.

10 Reasons You Need To Schedule With Smarter Queue

Managing social media pages is essential for their success, but it’s not always simple to manage your social media pages. There are a few different social media scheduling programs out there, but there’s only one that schedules your social media with ease while providing you with tons of amazing features to get your pages running smoothly and more successfully than ever before: Smarter Queue. 

Smarter Queue is a social media scheduling program that lets you manage multiple social media pages from a variety of different platforms. It is easy to use, efficient, and will deliver real results. Let’s take a closer look at 10 great reasons why you need to schedule with Smarter Queue.  

#1: It works for popular platforms that lack proper schedulers

Most of the extremely popular social media platforms do not have any built-in schedulers. This can make it time consuming and frustrating to manage your pages on these platforms due to the inherently time consuming nature of manually creating, scheduling and curating content. Smarter Queue will help you quickly schedule, queue and manage pages on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with compatibility with other platforms (including Pinterest and Google+) being developed right now.

#2: Get easy access to content categorization for better feed balance

The key to a successful social media page is finding the right balance between different types of posts. Smarter Queue’s scheduler help you sort your content into categories so you can tell at a glance the type of content you’ll be posting. This helps you create a much better balance between the type of content you queue, so you won’t oversaturate your target audience with one specific type of post. Smarter Queue also advises you on expert-based recommended ratios for your post content balance, so you can get an expert’s opinion on how much of each content to post.

#3: Automatically find sources for interesting content to post or reference

You won’t have to hunt for hours to find interesting, engaging and related content for your page scheduler. Smarter Queue has a built-in search function to help you find engaging content that will help improve the hits, likes and audience engagement on each of your social media pages. You can even create filters to find certain types of content, such as GIF files, news articles, videos, and more.

#4: See updated engagement analytics to see what your readers like the most

One of the more complicated aspects of running a social media page is understanding what readers like—and what they tend to ignore. Smarter Queue has constantly updated analytics available to help you see what your readers are actually clicking on, commenting on, liking, and otherwise engaging with, as well as what content just isn’t appealing to them.

#5: Find out the best posting time for your specific content based on real-time data

You can find lots of generic advice about the “sweet spot” for posting on certain social media platforms, but only Smarter Queue provides you with personalized posting time recommendations based the type of content you post, the popularity of related hashtags and search queries, and when your target audience tends to be active on social media. 

#6: Bookmark sources you like to use to make finding new updates fast and easy

If you find that a certain content source provides you with quality posts again and again, you don’t need to keep searching for them to add to your scheduler: just use Smarter Queue’s simple bookmarking feature to add them to a special bookmarked filter. The program will automatically look for new content from these bookmarked sources, and you can view new content from them at a glance instead of having to search each time.

#7: Bulk import content from different sources for fast queue fill-up

If you want to import content into your scheduler queue, you’re in luck: Smarter Queue has a fast, professional bulk import function that will let you import content from just about any source. This can include your own social media pages—such as importing all of your Facebook posts to your Twitter account—as well as bulk importing from other social media sources.

#8: Refresh content with EverGreen Recycling 

The EverGreen Recycling feature will help you keep your queue filled and ensure that your best content gets seen by as many people as possible. All you have to do is select the evergreen recycling feature when queuing or posting content, and then let the program know how many times you want your content recycled. You can either give a specific number of recycled posts or have the content being recycled regularly until a certain expiration date. The great part about this feature is that in addition to lengthening your queue, it ensures your content gets seen by a wider percentage of your audience. 

#9: Get a weekly report on how your social media pages are doing

It’s important to keep track of what’s work on your social media and what needs improvement. Smarter Queue will provide you with weekly scheduler reports on everything from your page hits to post views to the number of likes, comments, and so much more. It will also provide you with easy access to previous statistics to help you find out what content is growing in popularity and what your audience is no longer interested in.

#10: Set up queues that could go on forever (literally)

The most significant feature of Smarter Queue that will change the way you manage your social media is the ability to set up an endless posting queue that only stops if you want it to stop. You can easily arrange for Smarter Queue to automatically import content and place it in the posting queue without the need for manual importing; the queue will only stop if you change the queue settings manually. This is the best and most efficient way to run social media pages that don’t need a lot of hands-on curating, as it can reduce your manual scheduler workload by hours per social media page.