10 Reasons You Need To Schedule With Smarter Queue

Managing social media pages is essential for their success, but it’s not always simple to manage your social media pages. There are a few different social media scheduling programs out there, but there’s only one that schedules your social media with ease while providing you with tons of amazing features to get your pages running smoothly and more successfully than ever before: Smarter Queue. 

Smarter Queue is a social media scheduling program that lets you manage multiple social media pages from a variety of different platforms. It is easy to use, efficient, and will deliver real results. Let’s take a closer look at 10 great reasons why you need to schedule with Smarter Queue.  

#1: It works for popular platforms that lack proper schedulers

Most of the extremely popular social media platforms do not have any built-in schedulers. This can make it time consuming and frustrating to manage your pages on these platforms due to the inherently time consuming nature of manually creating, scheduling and curating content. Smarter Queue will help you quickly schedule, queue and manage pages on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with compatibility with other platforms (including Pinterest and Google+) being developed right now.

#2: Get easy access to content categorization for better feed balance

The key to a successful social media page is finding the right balance between different types of posts. Smarter Queue’s scheduler help you sort your content into categories so you can tell at a glance the type of content you’ll be posting. This helps you create a much better balance between the type of content you queue, so you won’t oversaturate your target audience with one specific type of post. Smarter Queue also advises you on expert-based recommended ratios for your post content balance, so you can get an expert’s opinion on how much of each content to post.

#3: Automatically find sources for interesting content to post or reference

You won’t have to hunt for hours to find interesting, engaging and related content for your page scheduler. Smarter Queue has a built-in search function to help you find engaging content that will help improve the hits, likes and audience engagement on each of your social media pages. You can even create filters to find certain types of content, such as GIF files, news articles, videos, and more.

#4: See updated engagement analytics to see what your readers like the most

One of the more complicated aspects of running a social media page is understanding what readers like—and what they tend to ignore. Smarter Queue has constantly updated analytics available to help you see what your readers are actually clicking on, commenting on, liking, and otherwise engaging with, as well as what content just isn’t appealing to them.

#5: Find out the best posting time for your specific content based on real-time data

You can find lots of generic advice about the “sweet spot” for posting on certain social media platforms, but only Smarter Queue provides you with personalized posting time recommendations based the type of content you post, the popularity of related hashtags and search queries, and when your target audience tends to be active on social media. 

#6: Bookmark sources you like to use to make finding new updates fast and easy

If you find that a certain content source provides you with quality posts again and again, you don’t need to keep searching for them to add to your scheduler: just use Smarter Queue’s simple bookmarking feature to add them to a special bookmarked filter. The program will automatically look for new content from these bookmarked sources, and you can view new content from them at a glance instead of having to search each time.

#7: Bulk import content from different sources for fast queue fill-up

If you want to import content into your scheduler queue, you’re in luck: Smarter Queue has a fast, professional bulk import function that will let you import content from just about any source. This can include your own social media pages—such as importing all of your Facebook posts to your Twitter account—as well as bulk importing from other social media sources.

#8: Refresh content with EverGreen Recycling 

The EverGreen Recycling feature will help you keep your queue filled and ensure that your best content gets seen by as many people as possible. All you have to do is select the evergreen recycling feature when queuing or posting content, and then let the program know how many times you want your content recycled. You can either give a specific number of recycled posts or have the content being recycled regularly until a certain expiration date. The great part about this feature is that in addition to lengthening your queue, it ensures your content gets seen by a wider percentage of your audience. 

#9: Get a weekly report on how your social media pages are doing

It’s important to keep track of what’s work on your social media and what needs improvement. Smarter Queue will provide you with weekly scheduler reports on everything from your page hits to post views to the number of likes, comments, and so much more. It will also provide you with easy access to previous statistics to help you find out what content is growing in popularity and what your audience is no longer interested in.

#10: Set up queues that could go on forever (literally)

The most significant feature of Smarter Queue that will change the way you manage your social media is the ability to set up an endless posting queue that only stops if you want it to stop. You can easily arrange for Smarter Queue to automatically import content and place it in the posting queue without the need for manual importing; the queue will only stop if you change the queue settings manually. This is the best and most efficient way to run social media pages that don’t need a lot of hands-on curating, as it can reduce your manual scheduler workload by hours per social media page.