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Clever Content


Is this course only for Facebook?

For the sake of focused teaching and implementation, this course teaches content curating and planning for Facebook only.  But remember, content curation can be applied to any content-based social network; if you learn these principles, they can help you with all your social media content planning.


This course walks you step-by-step through planning your Facebook content for an entire month. Best of all, this system is able to be duplicated over and over again, to help you plan your content with intention and save you time. Once you learn it, you can plan your content out indefinitely

No more wondering what to post. No more ignoring your Facebook page. 

You'll also receive super helpful downloadable worksheets & a calendar template to print out.

Clever Content is an audio/written course. Each module has an audio file for listening, the transcript for reading along, and helpful downloadable worksheets and templates to print out.

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