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Clever Content


Is your social media content clever?

You know your business needs consistent, well-thought-out social media content to thrive, but it can be so time consuming. On one hand, you have a business to build and on the other hand you must have time to meditate, exercise, eat healthy, walk the dog, spend time with your incredible friends and loved ones, and make sure you're staying balanced. You only have two hands, not three - and  you know you're supposed to share great content every day on social media. It's cutting into your self care time and your business time, and since those aren't going to suffer, your social media sometimes is.

If you're already full-up with your responsibilities as an entrepreneur and keeping your life flowing as smoothly as possible - how can you possibly create or find outstanding content on a daily basis - on top of everything else?

Pssst! You don't have to!

Clever Content is the course for you if:

  • You're spending way too much time trying to find content to post on Facebook - time you could be doing other things with your life, like taking that yoga class or spending time with your best friends, talking about your businesses!

  • If you miss days on social media, you know you are missing opportunities and it stresses you out

  • You don't have a routine or plan on how your share content with your followers

  • You know that posting consistently grows your reach, but it seems like so much time for so little return

  • You need to vary the type of content you're sharing, but you're not sure where to find it

  • You want to post content that your audience loves, but there is no way you can create it all yourself

  • You would be over-the-moon if you could have each month's content gathered, planned, and ready to post in advance

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Clever Content will help you:

  • Get total clarity on the types of content your audience will love
  • Gather fresh content with lightening speed
  • Have content prepped and ready for every day!
  • Never worry about what to post on Facebook again

She's a great teacher...

“Tena Moore is a social media expert with great knowledge and intuition around the complex and ever-changing online marketing world. She's a great teacher that works equally well with busy entrepreneurs and older adults looking to understand the technological world.”

Jensen Gelfond, Asheville Digital Lifestyle


Is this course only for Facebook?

For the sake of focused teaching and implementation, this course teaches content curating and planning for Facebook only.  But remember, content curation can be applied to any content-based social networks; if you learn these principles, you can use them anywhere.


This is a FREE 5-DAY EMAIL COURSE that walks you step-by-step through planning your social media content for an entire month. Best of all, this system is able to be duplicated over and over again, to help you plan your content with intention and save you time. Once you learn it, you can plan your content out indefinitely

No more wondering what to post. No more ignoring your Facebook page. 

Each day for 5 days you'll receive a new lesson right to your inbox.

You'll also receive super helpful worksheets & a calendar template to print out.

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Why am I giving this course away for free?

Because I'm awesome. 😉 😁

While I am awesome—and I bet you are, too—I chose to create this particular course because knowing what to post and having time to post are two of the largest issues my clients seek to solve.

People usually fall into two camps:

1) Spending too much time finding and creating content to post on Facebook
2) Spending little-to-no time finding and creating content for social media

In my world, both are unacceptable.

There is another camp, my friend: It's called "Clever Content," where we think about, decide, find, organize and plan social media content, so that there is never any social media anxiety in relation to your business.

You know about social media anxiety, right? 😖

  • The anxiety of trying to find or make something to post, but you don't really know what is going to get interaction from your audience.
  • The anxiety of thinking that you need to post, or realizing that you haven't posted in...days, weeks, months.
  • The anxiety of wondering if your business is missing out on a HUGE OPPORTUNITY with social media. (spoiler: it is!)

Clever Content will address it all in a short, 5-day email course. Crazy fast!

I'm giving it away for free, because it's so simple, yet so valuable, and I believe people should know this stuff. Especially so they can move on to the more important aspects of marketing their businesses, like contests and ads and growing their email list! I may charge for it one day, but for's my gift to you.

Plus, if my free course impresses you enough, I just might become your go-to social media, email marketing and biz gal.  #truth

Grab this FREE course and you'll learn to gather and plan an entire month of highly-focused Facebook content super quickly to free up your time and blow up your page!

Then repeat the program every month, indefinitely!