I help creative entrepreneurs save time on social media. LOTS of time, and time is money that can be used to grow your business and live the life of your dreams.


Her tips are priceless!

"Spending just one hour with Tena helped my business thrive on social media! From more Facebook page likes to more comments on Instagram, my business is being seen. Her tips are priceless! I highly recommend working with her to bring your business to the next level."

Jessica Merithew, Jessica Merithew Photography


How long does it take you to plan your social media marketing for your business? DO you plan it in advance? Chances are if you don’t plan it in advance, you don’t plan it at all. Let me help!

Download this free “Social Media Days Calendar” for the months of December & January and let’s FREE YOU UP over the holidays!

The best way to know what I can do for you and whether or not we're a great match for each other is to schedule a complimentary consultation with no obligation.  Phone or Zoom. I would love to hear about your business!

...knowledgeable, easy to work with and produces results.

"Tena is a social media professional who is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and produces results. She has the expertise and skill set many small business owners desire – someone who can learn quickly about our unique businesses, then devise and execute a solid social media plan OR teach us how to do it ourselves!"

Mari Fox, President & Founder of Shecology Inc.


The transformation in my business has been nothing short of amazing.


"Starting from the ground up, Tena helped me to understand which social media and email marketing strategies were vital to the growth of my business (and which weren't), and helped me to create a plan of action that made using what she taught easier than I could have imagined.  The transformation in my business has been nothing short of amazing.

I would never have had the patience, time, or inclination to teach myself what I learned from Tena - and in such a short period.  Every time I work with her, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have her as a resource."   - Lucas Stevenson, Primal Vitality

Well worth the money!

"I worked with Tena to enhance my online social media marketing strategies for my small business. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave me practical advice that I could easily implement. Well worth the money! Thanks Tena!"

Ferris Fakhoury, Anjali Hot Yatra Yoga

She's a great teacher...

“Tena Moore is a social media expert with great knowledge and intuition around the complex and ever-changing online marketing world. She's a great teacher that works equally well with busy entrepreneurs and older adults looking to understand the technological world.”

Jensen Gelfond, Asheville Digital Lifestyle

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