Sometimes you don't want a program or a class. Sometimes you want a person.

Saturation. Overload. Overwhelm.

Trying to find out how best to piece together your online business can be as confusing as trying to figure out which way of eating is the healthiest. There's so much conflicting information. How do you sift through it all?

No matter who I work with, it all starts out with a big getting to know you/brainstorming session.

Here are a few areas I love geeking out on:

  • Social Media Marketing - Anything goes. I can teach and help with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter, but my specialties are Facebook & Instagram.
  • Social Media Strategies & Plans
  • Social Media Content Planning
  • Online Contests
  • Creative Brainstorming & Coaching
  • Creating Opt-Ins/Lead Magnets
  • Tripwires
  • Sales Funnels
  • Did I mention how much I love Instagram? Content Planning, Creating Themes, Writing Your Bio, Researching Hashtags, Schedulers/Scheduling, Content Creation, Strategies, Stories, etc.

And a few software programs I use almost daily:

  • Canva
  • Squarespace 
  • SmarterQueue
  • ConvertKit
  • SamCart
  • Buffer
  • MeetEdgar

Start using expert advice to
up-level your email & social media marketing for your business!

Well worth the money!

"I worked with Tena to enhance my online social media marketing strategies for my small business. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave me practical advice that I could easily implement. Well worth the money! Thanks Tena!"

Ferris Fakhoury, Anjali Hot Yatra Yoga

Questions? Schedule a 20-minute
complimentary consultation and let's chat.

The best way to know what I can do for you and whether or not we're a great match for each other is to have a 20 minute conversation about your needs and my services.  Skype or phone. Let's talk!

No obligation. One per person.

Here's What You Can Expect:

Customized Strategies

Private Consultations are devoted to you and your business. You provide the details of exactly where you’re at with your business and marketing; I work with you directly to find out where you want to be and devise a plan to get there.

Whether you are starting at ground zero or you're ready for a super-sized social strategy with ads and contests, I'll find the right way for us to reach your goals together.

While group classes, courses, blogs, videos, and FB Lives are all great ways to get information for your business - one-on-one consultations are the best way to move forward quickly. You will get focused attention and strategies made especially for your personality, schedule, likes and dislikes and your unique business and goals.


Total Support

Private consultations can take many forms, depending on what we determine you need most. You may need discussions and Q&A to help you get more clarity. We may create in-depth strategies or I may teach you new skills. It could be 'done-for-you' sessions—tackling the info you want done on the spot. Most usually they are 'done-with-you' sessions, working together to cover as much ground as possible. Regardless, there is a video of each session to refer to when needed. 

Basically, you are not given ideas and sent on your way; you'll be moving forward with confidence, clarity, and peace of mind as social media finally begins making sense to you.

You'll know what you're doing, and WHY you're doing it.


Your privacy is valued, respected, and protected, 100%.

Your information is never shared and you are never named as a client, unless you have given written consent. The only case this is usually applicable is with giving and sharing your testimonials.

...knowledgeable, easy to work with and produces results.

"Tena is a social media professional who is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and produces results. She has the expertise and skill set many small business owners desire – someone who can learn quickly about our unique businesses, then devise and execute a solid social media plan OR teach us how to do it ourselves!"

Mari Fox, President & Founder of Shecology Inc.


How It Works

This is what you can expect during or time together: 

  • Once you purchase, you are sent some paperwork to get your juices flowing and help me understand where you are with your business and your social media marketing.
  • First, we'll set up a FREE 20-minute call to get to know one another and set the tone for your next consultations. We'll discuss your unique needs and set goals for our time together.
  • All consultation sessions will be 1-hour long via Skype and will be recorded and delivered to you within 24 hours of your consultation. I use Skype so that I can show you my screen and you may show me yours. It's so helpful to see what the other is seeing. Sometimes I do things for you, but I want you to have a video to refer to so that you may watch it again if needed and learn it all yourself.

  • Once we have completed all of your purchased sessions, I offer one last call for us to follow-up (15 hour package excluded - because it's a full 15 hours). I want to make sure you didn't get stuck and that I can answer any questions that came up while you were implementing the suggested changes and strategies.

  • If you don't want to do Skype, I must tell you that I feel you'll be missing a lot of the value that is offered. I don't want to just give you a bouquet of flowers - I want to help you plant an entire flower garden. I want you to flourish, to remember everything I said and to have visuals so you can refer back to them. You will want to learn this information yourself, plus if/when you hire sometime to do this for you, you may train them with these videos. Just do the videos! You don't have to be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I have to use the consultations in a certain time frame?

No - there's no expiration on consultations. Likewise, there's no refunds on unused consultations.

+ Is it always an hour long or 1.5 hours? Explain please.

Instead of charging $250 per hour like many of my competitors, I charge $250 per 1.5 hours. How this time is best used is a one-hour consultation, with a 30 minute follow-up call to make sure everything was understood and to answer any extra questions. This is your time though, so if you want to do 1.5 hours in one sitting, we can make that happen.

+Do I have to use Skype?

No, you don't HAVE to - but it sure is a good idea. If you don't want to be on camera you don't have to be, but we can still use Skype. You can see me and we can share screens.

+ Why Skype?

Skype is awesome. We can see each other or share our screens (way more important than seeing each other). It's much easier for me to show you my computer screen (so you can visually see what I'm doing or explaining) than it is to try to explain what I'm seeing - as opposed to what you're seeing - over voice only.

Screen-sharing and recording it is SUPER helpful. Also, it's quite common for people to forget what I said, or forget the path to a certain outcome, but that's not an issue when there is a Skype video recording.

+ What if I am completely new to social media?

The majority of my clients are those who are brand new to social media. Most business owners aren't marketers - it's all new to them!

+ What if I'm ready for advanced strategies for social media?

Awesome! We can think big and plan even larger strategies and visions for your business! I've been in this field since the early 2000's - you're in great hands. ;)

Still Have Questions?

The best way to know what I can do for you and whether or not we're a great match for each other is to have a 20 minute conversation about your needs and my services.  Skype or phone. Let's talk!

No obligation. One per person.