Laura Elizabeth Jewelry: Ethical & Sustainable


We all want to support our environment, and let’s be honest; we want it to be easy and affordable.  And I say, why not have it be stylish as well?  Many consumers have the misconception that eco-friendly is either going to look “granola” or be overpriced.  With this perception, it is easy to say, “Forget it, I’m not even going to try.”

Many designers have recently been challenged to do their part in leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our planet.  This new movement toward helping the earth has offered more creative trends as designers begin to fuse fashion and eco-friendly materials. 

Environmentally Sustainable Products

Products are considered eco-friendly when they are constructed in a way that is intended to inflict minimal harm on the environment.  Clothing designers can support this change by using less toxic dyes and environmentally sustainable products like bamboo or organic cotton.  Jewelry designers can recycle metals or use raw materials that aren’t chemically processed.  Purchasing recycled silver is actually the same price as brand new silver. 

To make sustainable jewelry with recycled metals, the designer melts down the silver or gold and casts his or her product within the recycled metal. The challenging part for the designer is mixing metals.  When a designer melts down silver, often it is not 100% silver.  It contains copper and other metals.  After casting, the designer then has to polish the product to make it sparkle. Due to this time-consuming process, sustainable jewelry may cost slightly more, but is still affordable.  Furthermore, many eco-friendly designers contribute a portion of sales to environmentally friendly causes, so though prices may be a bit higher than other jewelry, you are still supporting a good cause. 

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry donates to 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide.


As consumers begin choosing more ethically sound jewelry options, for example, conflict-free diamonds, the demand for those items will decrease, and in turn the eco-jewelry lines will become more common and more widely available to consumers at a lower cost.

“My goal with Laura Elizabeth is to prove to women that they can have beautiful, stylish adornments that will be economically and environmentally friendly,” says Laura Elizabeth. “In other words, our sacrifices can be made elsewhere, as we women have enough to worry about!”

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