Parashakti: Dance Of Liberation


(I wrote this article for/as Parashakti, announcing her involvement with Gaian Mind Festival. - Tena)

Trance dancing is an indigenous and shamanic ritual used to achieve an altered state of consciousness. Surrendering to a transcendental heart beat, dancers journey to elevated states for healing, soul retrieval, and liberation of one's creative life force. Trance dancing cultivates embodied freedom by attuning the dancer to their internal rhythm, and the rhythm of the planet, the Earth – The Gaian Mind.

This year, June 11th-14th, 2009, will mark the eighth year of the Gaian Mind Summer Festival, a festival that is home to hundreds of trance dancers every year. Gaian Mind celebrates the dance of life through spiritual dancing, tribal drumming, healing arts, yoga, sweat lodge, visionary arts, lectures, workshops, and a wide variety of progressive and enlightening information to stimulate self-healing, spiritual growth, and expansion of human consciousness. This event lasts for four days and three nights in an open-air environment with camping and dormitory-style cabins in a unique rustic resort located in Darlington, MD, called Ramblewood.


This year I am honored to be offering three workshops at Gaian Mind Summer Festival, including The Dance of Liberation, Dance to Retrieve Lost Parts of the Soul, and Buffalo Heart, an “Earth Medicine Awakening” workshop shared with Vernon Foster.

There will also be many other enlightening workshops and lectures at the festival covering topics such as The 13 Moon Calendar, 2012: Mayan Cosmology, Pow Wow Drum, Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance, Journey to the Now: Awakening the Capacity to Love , Archedream Mask Making, and many others.

The main focus of Gaian Mind is nightly trance dancing rituals. The festival offers two outdoor dance floors, one with visionary, psychedelic trance music, and another downtempo and chillout music area.

The Gaian Mind Summer Festival is more than a trance dancing music festival, it is a ritual with an abundance of opportunity for learning, growing, education and participation in various ceremonies. I welcome you to join me at Gaian Mind Summer Festival to “Celebrate the Dance of Life!”

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