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Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers

Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers is known for their organic, fair-trade, high quality coffee from the most excellent producers around the world. In addition to their genuine dedication to importing sustainable coffee, they also employ an innovative ‘Relationship Coffee Model’, invest a portion of their profits into farmer development and training, and host an annual, non-profit, 3-day training event called ‘Let’s Talk Coffee’. 

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Laura Elizabeth Jewelry: Ethical & Sustainable

We all want to support our environment, and let’s be honest; we want it to be easy and affordable.  And I say, why not have it be stylish as well?  Many consumers have the misconception that eco-friendly is either going to look “granola” or be overpriced.  With this perception, it is easy to say, “Forget it, I’m not even going to try.”

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Custom Homes Of Asheville

While prefabricated homes are popping up all over the country in record numbers, Asheville has always been known for its individual expression, creativity and character. "People come here to realize their lifestyle dreams, and many times that includes a custom home built perfectly for their family and lifestyle" says Steve Wallin, president of Custom Homes of Asheville.

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