Gifts for Gardeners


Gardeners are natural born gift givers. All throughout the year you can spot them giving friends baskets of strawberries and blueberries, filling up bags with juicy heirloom tomatoes, and gifting everyone they know with their homemade jams, spaghetti sauces and summer corn. If you have a gardener in your life, you’re probably blessed with an abundance of gifts all year long. Lucky you!

When it comes to gifting the special gardener in your life do you know the perfect gift, or are you at a loss? You shouldn’t be; this special breed of being is easy to please. Not only can you find thousands of items online, you can also visit local nurseries and find everything you need at your local botanical gardens and arboretum gift shops.

Gift Ideas For your favorite gardeners:


While frost is on the ground and the home fires are burning, books provide inspiration for the dreamy gardener. The variety of books is endless; just make sure it’s new to their collection. Find a specialty book to inspire their imagination: bonsai shaping, creating a butterfly or hummingbird garden, how to build a birdbath, fountain or pond, etc. If they had an overabundance of zucchini this past summer, buy a zucchini recipe book to prepare them for next season.



Magazines provide information and joy year-round. Depending upon your special gardener and their favorite activities, you can choose from Organic Gardening, Acres, Growing Edge, Fine Gardening, Country Garden, Horticulture and the list goes on and on. If a magazine subscription is your gift of choice, take some time for research and find an interesting, not-so-popular magazine that isn’t available at the local newsstand.


Garden Tools

Be a little nosy and find out what they need the most. Is it time for a new pair of gloves? Are their clippers dull? Do they need a new caddy, apron or garden trowel? Be a saint and opt for a whole new garden tool set. There are many to choose from, complete with tool belt or tote.


Gardening Footwear

What are gardening shoes? They are easy to slip on and off, protective, waterproof and clean at the spray of a garden hose! The ones with holes are popular right now, but don’t forget to take thorns, sticks, pebbles and the sensitivity of the feet into consideration. Boots are a great choice too. There are many colorful, fun and useful galoshes that are sure to keep your gardener’s feet dry during the spring and summer showers.



Grab a few packets of wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds for one of the best gifts you can give. Get creative with new exotic plants you’ve never seen before, or if they have a penchant for native plants, collect some seeds of some favorites and package them up.


Garden Beauty

If you’d like to give something a bit larger and long lasting, think about birdbaths, garden benches, decorative arches, wind sculptures, stepping stones, solar garden lighting, garden fountains, beautiful statues, a bird feeder, a butterfly condo, a gazebo, etc. Anything to beautify the garden, whether it makes it more colorful or more peaceful, will be enjoyed for years to come.

Scented Bloomers

If you really want to lift the spirits of your favorite gardener, bring them potted jasmine, begonias, passionflower vine or lavender. These scented bloomers will fill their home with relaxing aromas and colorful blooms. What more could a gardener want during the crisp, fall and winter months?

Local (Asheville, NC), non-profit, gardening gift shops:

The Asheville Botanical Gardens gift shop, The Garden Path, offers a wide selection of books, gardening tools and garden themed gifts for all ages, include hats, tee shirts, caps, jewelry, scarves, greeting cards, tote bags, CDs, stained glass, journals and more.

North Carolina Arboretum
100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way, Asheville

The Arboretum’s gift shop, The Garden Trellis, offers handcrafts from local artists, bonsai tools, notecards and an extensive selection of books for gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts and children.

The Screen Door/Common Ground Books
115 Fairview Rd., Asheville

Their retail store is an art gallery of funky garden art, and their book distribution company focuses on all aspects of gardening.

Local nurseries that sell native plants:

Carolina Native Nursery —, Burnsville, NC

Meadowbrook Nurseries —, Marion, NC

Native Gardens Nursery —, Loudon County, TN

Niche Gardens —, Chapel Hill, NC

Reems Creek Valley Nursery —, Weaverville, NC

Useful Plants Nursery —, Black Mountain, NC

Woodlanders, Inc. —, Aiken, SC

Source: List taken from the Asheville Botanical Gardens website. For a complete list of area nurseries that sell native plants, see

A Great Gift:

United Plant Savers

United Plant Savers offers organic cotton T-shirts, regular T or fitted women’s T with cap sleeves and a scooped neckline, for $20. They also offer a 17”x23” black and green etching poster by Kevin Morgan, stating “If you listen, they will teach you”, for $10. For more information visit:

United Plant Savers’ mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.

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