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Social Success Strategy Program

You're a business owner, not a marketer.

You have a passion and purpose that has driven you to create your business, products and/or services. You have all the responsibilities of a solopreneur, entrepreneur or business owner, including the creation and management of it all. You honestly didn't realize that you were going to have to either learn how to be a successful social media marketer too, or hire someone to do it for you.

Maybe you've made do with either yourself or someone (usually someone younger who knows how FB works, but doesn't know a thing about marketing) who can post things, but isn't actually MARKETING your business. There is no plan. There is no strategy. They are 'managing' your social media - but there are no sales, no engagement, no brand awareness, no increased website hits, really it means nothing, except that someone is posting for you. Which in the end means nothing.

Basically, so far, your business
social media has been a big waste of time.

Ever wish you had someone that could:

  • help you understand social media
  • help you figure out the best networks and tasks for your business
  • teach you what to do—and why you're doing it
  • come up with a plan and road map for your business and social media
  • hold your hands along the way

That's why I created the Social Success Strategy (SSS). 

In this 4-week program, I take you step-by-step through creating a plan of action for your biz social media. 


Module 1


Module 2

The transformation in my business has been nothing short of amazing.


"Starting from the ground up, Tena helped me to understand which social media and email marketing strategies were vital to the growth of my business (and which weren't), and helped me to create a plan of action that made using what she taught easier than I could have imagined.  The transformation in my business has been nothing short of amazing.

I would never have had the patience, time, or inclination to teach myself what I learned from Tena - and in such a short period.  Every time I work with her, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have her as a resource."   - Lucas Stevenson, Primal Vitality

Customized Strategies

Private Consultations are devoted to you and your business.  You provide the details of exactly where you’re at with your business and marketing; Tena works with you directly to find out where you want to be and show you how to get there.

Whether you are starting at ground zero or you're ready for a super-sized social strategy with ads and contests, she'll find the right way to reach your goals together.

While group classes, courses, blogs, videos and FB Lives are all great ways to get information for your business - one-on-one consultations are the best way to move forward quickly with focused attention and strategies made especially for your personality, schedule, likes and dislikes and your unique business and goals.


Total Support

Private consultations can take many forms, depending on what we determine you need most: they can be talking discussions and Q&A to help you get more clarity. Your sessions can be time to create in-depth strategies or teach new skills. They may be 'done-for-you' sessions—tackling the info you want done on the spot. Most usually they are 'done-with-you' sessions, working together to cover as much ground as possible. Regardless, there is a video of each session to refer to when needed. 

Basically, you are not given ideas and sent on your way; you'll be moving forward with confidence, clarity, and peace of mind as social media finally begins making sense to you. You'll know what you're doing, and WHY you're doing it.

...knowledgeable, easy to work with and produces results.

"Tena is a social media professional who is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and produces results. She has the expertise and skill set many small business owners desire – someone who can learn quickly about our unique businesses, then devise and execute a solid social media plan OR teach us how to do it ourselves!"

Mari Fox, President & Founder of Shecology Inc.


Social Success Strategy

Social Success Strategy

You feel like you’re missing out on the social media bandwagon. Sure, you’re posting (sometimes) and joining groups (sporadically) and trying your best (when you have the time)...but you don't really know what you should be doing.

It seems like everyone else is seeing some sort of success with their business social media, but no matter how much you've tried to learn and apply, IT'S JUST NOT WORKING FOR YOU.



And yet...when you try to pinpoint exactly what you SHOULD be doing to change it all, you're at a loss. The to-do list is too long, priorities too unclear and insecurities too great to get over.

You hate to admit it, but you often question if you are really cut out for this whole "self employment" thing. I mean, it DOES look so much easier for everyone else.

And if you are honest with yourself, at least 2 of the following describe you:

  • You are not making sales from social media , it’s more of a time sucker than money maker.

  • You're tired of working on "all the things" and are fairly certain that you'd be more productive if you could focus on the IMPORTANT THINGS

  • You're sick of feeling too self conscious to market your business

  • You fall into negative thought patterns surrounding your ability to succeed as an entrepreneur

  • You sorta hate social media (there you admitted it and you feel better!) But you also sometimes cyber stalk those in your industry who seem to have mastered it...

  • You know business isn't easy, BUT you question why it feels SO hard all the time

  • You aren't sure that the way you have packaged and priced what you sell is really as good as it could be.

You wish you knew...

  • Someone who could assess your social media accounts, give you exact instructions to make it better, help you set social media goals, and devise a plan to help you reach your goals. An experienced social media coach who can tell you what you need to do and make a plan of EXACTLY what needs to be done to get you closer to hitting your goals.

  • Someone on your team who listened to the pauses, the sighs and the signs that you were giving that would help guide you in the right direction.

  • A plan of action that felt aligned with your higher purpose AND your financial independence (they do NOT have to butt heads!)

  • A gentle nudge to do the very thing that scares you most, but will lead to your ultimate success as an entrepreneur.

The Social Success Strategy Program is a unique opportunity to have a brainy and savvy strategist walk you through the key areas of your social media to make sure they are optimally operating (and make a plan for change if they aren't!)


The result?


Entertaining, inspirational, educational and engaging social media - which is also EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT.


An while "efficiency" isn't a SEXY word, efficiency is awesome because it will give you the ability to:

  • Fully enjoy the business you've built

  • More time to enjoy your life outside of business

  • More money to grow your business or enjoy your personal pursuits (Italian vacation anyone??)



You need more than KNOWLEDGE, more than a PLAN, you need:

  • Well-defined PRIORITIES for someone as invested in your success as you are!

  • A PARTNER to help you reflect, make decisions and move through the RESISTANCE that will eat away at your chance for success.

  • ACTIONABLE accountability that will move your "to-do list" to "done list".



How does this work?

The Social Success Strategy program is a blend of research, discussion, creativity, planning & accountability. This program is only for those who are 100% ready to be held accountable for their assignments, to show up on time, homework in hand - ready to rock this. :) I'm not a ball-buster really, but this program is only for those READY to create & begin implementing a social media plan right now. I can create the plan, but you have to do the work and implement it.

  • Discovery Questionnaire - The Discovery Questionnaire is the first step. It's due 72 hours before our first call and will give me all the information I need to know about where we're starting from. It will also get you thinking about where you are currently and where you want to be by the end of the program.

  • 1st 60-minute Strategic Discovery Session where we get IT ALL out on the table and figure out your short term and long term strategy for your social media and your business (because without this foundational piece of info, you aren't going to get very far). We will walk through your Discovery questionnaire and make sure that you get the clarity you need about where you want to go (and what's holding you back), so that I can walk into my planning space totally prepared.

  • Audit of your Social Media Accounts (up to 4). This audit will be recorded and delivered to you via video. We'll determine which ones you want to use, which you don't, how you will use them, etc.

  • Audit of your website to look for design elements that convert. We'll discuss lead magnets, and make sure your site is optimized for conversion. Let's get those emails

  • 2nd 60-minute Strategic Discovery Session Goal setting, content planning and

  • A Custom Social Media Plan & Content Calendar within a week of our first call where I will take EVERYTHING that we discussed in our Strategic Discovery Call and map out a doable plan of action. This step-by-step plan will be your roadmap to an efficient business (i.e. a business that you are actually THRILLED to run!). It will include timeline suggestions and links to resources.

  • 30 minute follow-up

  • 30 minute follow-up

You will implement the plan on your own, but you won't feel alone because you will have a roadmap!

I only take 5 clients per month for this particular program. If you want in, put your deposit in to hold your space. (deposit, $550)


Your investment towards getting VIP Strategy & Support to uplevel your social media?



Ready to Succeed at Social?

I only take 5 clients per month for this particular program. If you want in, fill out this application and set up a time to discuss the put your If chosen, the deposit in to hold your space is $550. The en. (deposit, $550)

Magnetic Conversations is an in-depth and comprehensive package for any business owner who feels overwhelmed by social media.

With scripts, templates, worksheets, video’s, meditations, step-by-step processes, audio and written guidance, it’s everything you need to create the coaching practice of your dreams.


Patti Meyer, PHYREDUP

...the strategy we designed together made a clear impact.

"After working with Tena for only a few hours, I felt comfortable and confident in making social media work for my company. The best part, of course, was that the strategy we designed together made a clear impact. Tena is incredibly knowledgable and professional, while still being down-to-earth and a fabulous teacher. She is now my go-to for continued growth and success in my company's social media."

Schedule a 20-minute complimentary consultation with absolutely no obligation.

The best way to know what I can do for you and whether or not we're a great match for each other is to schedule a complimentary consultation - with no obligation.  Skype or phone.


When you invest in Social Success Strategy, you'll receive specific social media strategies and guidance for your unique business.

Here's what you can expect:


Absolute Privacy

Your information is never shared and you are never named as a client, unless you have given written consent. Your privacy is valued, respected, and protected, 100%.


How It Works

This is what you can expect during or time together: 

  • Once you purchase, you are sent some paperwork to get your juices flowing and help me understand where you are in your social media marketing.
  • First, we'll set up a FREE 20-minute call to get to know one another and set the tone for your next consultations. We'll discuss your unique needs and set goals for our time together.
  • All consultations will be 1-hour long via Skype and will be recorded and delivered to you within 24 hours of your consultation. I use Skype so that I can show you my screen and you may show me yours. It's so helpful to see what the other is seeing. Sometimes I do things for you, but I want you to have a video to refer to so that you may watch it again if needed.
  • Once we have completed all of your purchased sessions, I offer one last call for us to follow-up. I want to make sure you didn't get stuck and that I can answer any questions that came up while you were implementing the suggested changes and strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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