What is a website conversion review?

First and foremost: This is a website review, not a website audit. I won't be looking at your Google Analytics or your SEO. This is a converstion review. you  will be directed to a form asking you about your website goals. Once I have received your answers, I'll look everything over and within one week I'll deliver your complete video audit, with a document of resources (websites, articles, apps or software) that could be very useful for you.

Layout: Are the most important things presented first? How easy is it to buy or find your point of destination? Is important information buried to far into the website? Do I know what you do right away? Are there calls of action and are they simple and clear? 

Navigation: Does it make logical sense in both structure and wording? Is it structured in the most efficient way? Is the wording the most Could it be changed to have a bigger impact? Is it serving your needs and directing people to where you want to go? Are the most important things clear and easy to find? 

Content: Does the content speak to your audience needs? Is it action oriented? Is it easy to understand? Does it carry the same voice throughout? I also check for grammar and structure. I look for a strong, unique voice that speaks to your visitors. I check for layout and flow. I check your blog for SEO purposes.

Opt-in/Newsletter Subscription: Do you have a lead-magnet? Where is it on your site? What type of lead magnet is